We stock a full range of professional grade auto detailing products to get your painted surfaces to a mirror-like finish and keeping it that way for years to come. For correcting paint defects on fresh paint such as ‘orange peel’ or ‘runs and sags’, we have body shop safe (silicone free) compounds and polishes such as the 3M Perfect-It system to aggressively cut and level clear coats to a swirl-free finish. Our other popular products in the detailing section would include the SHINEX water spot removers, Auto Magic cleaners, degreasers, leather conditioners, detailing clay, Flitz metal polish and headlight restoration kit.

Our line of detailing products include:

- Car soaps and shampoos
- Degreasers and cleaners
- Vinyl and leather dressings and protectants
- Car waxes, polishes, and paint sealants
- Microfiber and terry towels
- Chrome and aluminum polish
- Car accessories and washing brushes
- Odor eliminators
- Bug and tar remover
- Waterspot removers
- Water sprite, wash mitts
- Glass cleaners
- Polishers
- Aquapel Glass Treatment