Collision Repair 

MVR is your main line distributor for all of your collision repair needs. We stock the latest technology in paint, coatings, spray equipment, abrasives, and safety equipment to keep your bodyshop running at maximum productivity. Time is money. By using high quality products, you get the job done right the first time-in less time.


Whether you’re restoring a classic hot rod, vintage military vehicle, boat trailer, bicycle, or patio furniture, we have the right products to get the job done.


If you’re ready to take your paint job to the next level, look no further.-we are your one stop shop for your custom paint, supplies, and equipment. We stock a variety of exotic pearls, flakes, and paint additives to set your imagination on fire and create that one-of-a-kind masterpiece that showcases your unique style. Pinstriping has made a comeback in recent years, and we have industry’s highest quality products such as pinstriping brushes by Mack and Kafka, and One Shot Lettering paints.

Fleet / Commercial / Industrial

Those in the Fleet, Commercial, and Industrial markets have different needs from the automotive refinishing market-they need high solids coatings which will be able to tolerate a higher degree of wear and tear in the most hostile environments. Our coatings have excellent gloss, high durability, and resistant to heavy chemical washing. We carry a full line of surface cleaners, primers, topcoats, and clearcoats to fit your application.


We stock a full range of professional grade auto detailing products to get your painted surfaces to a mirror-like finish and keeping it that way for years to come. For correcting paint defects on fresh paint such as ‘orange peel’ or ‘runs and sags’, we have bodyshop safe (silicone free) compounds and polishes such as the 3M Perfect-It system or Instacut system to aggressively cut and level clearcoats to a swirl-free finish. Our other popular products in the detailing section would include the MX-7 waterspot removers, Auto Magic cleaners, degreasers, and detailing clay, Flitz metal polish and headlight restoration kit.